We’re biased, but we think there’s nothing better than Greek food. There are so many different dishes to make and experience, and they’re all filled with incredible flavors and the rustic taste of the Greek culture we know and love. Some classic Greek dishes include Dolma, Saganaki, and Spanakopita. If you've never heard of these dishes and you don't know how to make them or what’s in them, we're here to help. We serve all of these at items on our dinner menu at Grappa, but we thought we’d give you a little background information on what you’re ordering in time for your next visit.

Read on to check out this quick breakdown of some of the classics.


Dolma is stuffed grape leaves. They are healthy and delicious, and they're a great finger food to make for basically any occasion. You can buy pre-made dolmas at the grocery store, but what's the fun in that? You can make your own dolmas and they will be much more authentic than anything store bought. They are actually one of the easier Greek foods to make on your own. If you want to keep it really traditional, you can also stuff them with meat like lamb or beef - at Grappa, we keep it true and simple. The dolmas on our menu have rice and tzatziki sauce, and are a crowd favorite.


This is basically pan-seared cheese, and what’s better than that? It is traditionally prepared with Greek cheese like graviera, kefalograviera, and kefalotyri, all of which are hard yellow cheeses. The cheese is dredged in flour, and then pan-seared a very high temperature on the stove.

You can buy these Greek cheeses at a specialty cheese shops, or you can come try ours at Grappa. We use our favorite sheep’s cheese, brandy, fresh lemon juice - and serve it with fresh pita. So simple, yet so delicious!


This is another classic Greek dish. It is a delicious spinach pie made with phyllo dough, spinach, and feta cheese. It can be an appetizer, or can be a side to your main meal. Spanakopita is probably a little more complicated to make, but don’t be intimidated. If you want to try it on your own, you can simplify this recipe by buying pre-made phyllo dough at the grocery store, often found in the frozen section. However, at Grappa Seattle, we make each Spanakopita fresh when it’s ordered, and that includes rolling the phyllo dough - so, please allow 10-15 minutes after you order for this delicious dish to be delivered fresh to your table.

As you can see, these Greek dishes are wonderful and are filled with great flavors. You'll have tons of fun making these dishes from scratch and you'll get some insight into the beautiful Greek culture. However, if you’re not the kind to get adventurous in the kitchen - just come visit us at Grappa Seattle. We have these dishes and so much more - a true variety of authentic Greek dishes that are sure to satisfy your craving for fresh, flavorful, and rustic.